Monday, October 9, 2017

Fazenda Rio Grande (Week 30)

Oí Tudo Mundo!

lol I almost started my email in Portuguese.....

So this week we had 2 baptisms of Ane (16) and Janaina (13) and I had the opportunity to baptize the both of them! They were so excited to be baptized and are still so excited! The cool thing is that they are reading The Book of Mormon every day and understanding everything that is being read! Lol I don't think I even understood all of it when I was that age. I am so happy to see them excited to have the gospel in their lives and see their joy in just reading! 

This week I now have a new companion and our area split for 2 groups of missionaries so we have 4 Elders in our ward.👍👍👍 Lol They are all hilarious too which makes everything that much better. Don't worry we are all staying focused in the Lords work still! But after a long day of hard work its good to get a laugh in before sleep and then back to the Lords work!!! 

This week we have worked and knocked doors more then ever it feels like but I guess we have more days of knocking doors then baptisms buttttt if I can knock doors for one week or more straight and only have 1 convert then I am happy that one accepted the gospel to bless their life! We have seen a lot of miracles this week from just teaching from The Book of Mormon in the first lesson. It's a promise of the Prophet of the world Thomas S. Monson that if we read every day and teach from it that we will see miracles! I personally always say that without The Book of Mormon I couldn't serve a 2-year mission for The true Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in my life. I am so honored to walk a little bit of the path Jesus Christ walked and showed us while he was on this earth. One of my favorite songs in Portuguese is Ill go where you want me to go. This applies to all of our lives but I have seen it a lot here in my mission. Wherever I am sent on my mission I will serve and share the message of the restored gospel and that we have a Profeta today to guide our life to the life after death to our Heavenly Father! 

Lots of baptisms coming this month and always good news to talk about. I can honestly say I see the hand of our Savior every day here in Brasil!! Zone conferences this week!!! 

Love you all!

-Elder Hammond

Yea!! Bryson received his birthday packages from home FINALLY!!! Sadly these didn't get into his hands in time for his actual birthday, but they finally did catch up to him!!

A little background on mailing things to Bryson in Brasil. To mail things to Brasil, one of the things you have to do is list each item. They may be taxed on his end, depending on the items. For example, I mailed some groceries he likes from home which cost me $39 US dollars on this end for $7 of groceries. On his end, he was taxed "80 reals" which is about equivalent to $27 US dollars. Mailing him this package in his hand for his birthday weighed 4 lb and cost $74 US dollars. Packages take anywhere from 14 days to a full month on average. Packages and mail can get stopped in Customs, however, and held up to weeks, months or possibly just stolen and he may never receive what was sent. The mailing system for Brazil is very corrupt, as it's still a 3rd world country. Often times I just load money to his bank account, for him to purchase things writes home that he needs. It's faster for him, rather than waiting a month, (which is what we have to expect minimally) or even stolen. - Amy Hammond aka "Bryson's mom" 💓

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