Monday, September 25, 2017

The week my faith grew a lot more! (Week 29)

Fazenda Rio Grande - Semana 6

I am so happy this last week Willian decided to be baptized!!! He was so so so happy afterward he couldn't describe his feelings! His nephew actually baptized him too !!! 

These past weeks have been a trial of our faith for sure and a little bit of pushing past being so tired from the sun and knocking doors like crazy! Really we had some really cool experiences these weeks but mostly this past week. We taught more than we have in a long time with more than 30 lessons in one week and plus a baptism! I am so happy to see that when we put our trust in the lord and are worthy and ready to serve with all your heart Heavenly Father will open doors that you can't even imagine you could see happen! First, we passed almost all of our goals this week! I think for everyday we knocked doors for 2-3 hours and just taught but also taught with something we call listening with the Holy Ghost and teaching what the person needs at that very moment in time. We have found that Teaching directly through the book of Mormon people have a desire to learn more and more and are able to understand everything if not the first time but the second time reading. We have seen progress in our testimonies as well with our investigators in so many ways! 

its short today but I am so honored to be a servant of my Heavenly Father representing his Son Jesus Christ on the earth in Curitiba Brazil. Today we had a chance to serve on a pday. To be honest I got this phone call and I did not want to help on a pday butttttt when we were serving I felt a joy I couldn't feel sitting in the house doing nothing. I got to serve my Heavenly Father by responding to a last minute phone call to help an older couple move. They are trying to come back to church and now they have a motive to return. I am grateful Heavenly Father gave me the chance to serve his children today!!! Love you all!

-Elder Hammond  

New Ties for Bryson's Birthday! (He asked for ties and a Rubix Cube) Happy Birthday, Bryson! πŸ˜€πŸ’₯He should have received other items I mailed to him also. He didn't send pictures, of those items, so I'll have to ask in his next email if he got our other gifts too....or if they were stolen. 😩 Good to see he received his gifts from home finally! About 1.5 weeks after his birthday sadly. So hard for parents in the states, to get packages to our missionaries in a timely manner. These were in Brazil in time, but you can't control how fast packages and letters move. Takes about 3.5 weeks or MORE for him to receive packages to the mission home.πŸ˜’ That doesn't include how much time or how many weeks that will take for him to get to the mission home, to even pick up any packages. By city transportation, it takes Bryson 1.5 hours one way to reach the mission home/office. So he doesn't get to go often. From what I can tell, monthly.... So if his packages or mail barely miss him visiting the office, it will sit and wait till he can come back, or someone can make the extra effort to take these things to him. - Amy Hammond
Aka Bryson's Mom 

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