Monday, September 4, 2017

Fazenda Rio Grande - Semana 3 (Week 26 - 6 Months!)

So there is one question members like to ask me during lunch. Well actually there is 2 questions lol. 1. Do you have beans and rice in the United states?..... and 2. Do you guys eat actual meals or just snack?... I can always expect to have these two questions asked during lunch. I always respond with I actually ate a lot of rice in my house almost every day. This is just 2 of the normal questions I get haha. 

So two weeks ago I had a fast because I have been needing to fast for a while and I had one day i was able to. So i had this fast to know if i should teach a lesson (which would be a bible bash, I don't like these because the spirit cant be there with this. Especially because I know this family likes to yell during these...)  or not because i had a feeling not to. Anyways this fast was for us to be able to find success in our area. Its a very good area but its hard to get people to church. So I arrived here and we didn't have any baptism dates set at all. This past week we have received 4 dates for baptisms. one mom with a son that is 5 years old we met this week used to be visited by the missionaries and then she moved 1 month before and she couldn't find another Chapel. She then finally contacted us though the Sisters in our district and said I NEED the address of your church and the contact of missionaries now. Lol a dream for missionaries and she already read the Book of Mormon front to back by then. She has already set a date for a baptism on the 15th of September!!! she said i want people to visit me too outside of the Missionaries! This week has has been really good in this aspect. We also were able to help 6 investigators get to church!!!!! So happy they were all able to make it this Sunday ! 

So finally this month i have officially become fluent enough i can carry on a full conversation and my accent is coming about 25-30% so people actually understand me now!!! This was my goal at 6 months to be fluent!! Oh i hit my 6 months this week btw šŸ˜€šŸ˜Ž. I am so happy i can understand basically everything now even with words i don't understand i can understand with other words in the phrase! But this does not mean i will stop studying my best everyday. I literally don't want to have others think i am American when i talk lol. Love my country but if i am here in Brasil i want to talk like one!

This week we have walked more then i every have in my life! Actually our area goes from one city to another and we had lunch in Mandirituba the other day which is almost 2 hours walking south and that's from our house which isn't even the top of the area šŸ˜. Needless to say i paid for my companion and i to get a bus home lol. 

This week has been great and my testimony has grown a lot this week through walking a lot to only find out a new investigator left the house when we had an appointment. This has stretched my faith a lot this week! Among other things too! 

Love ya all 
-Elder Hammond

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