Monday, August 28, 2017

Fazenda Rio Grande - Semana 2 (Week 25)

This week has been good and crazy in the same time lol. So for two days we were in the office of President Cuvelier one for Zone Conference and another for Interviews which i always like interviews with President Cuvelier ! 

So one crazy day that we had this week was i think Saturday and we were just knocking doors and one lady got really heated up at us because our Sabbath day is on Sunday and not Saturday and she basically invited all of her neighbors over to judge us that we are breaking the 10 Commandments because we go to church on Sundays lol. She said to return tomorrow because her husband would like to talk to us. I fasted for this and i got a feeling not to go because i know they will be in our face a lot about this. It wouldn't be a lesson it would just be them talking really loud lol. Anyways that same day we were walking i the street and this man that is the father of one of our investigators saw us. Keep in mind he was a pastor (built his church) and now he is a drug addict and just doesn't have a really good life now. So he said Ay! and then i said Opa boa tarde Irmão (good afternoon brother) Then he went off and said to us if you all go to my house again talking about the living Prophet Mormon again i will beat you both up and then i will call the cops on you both! Anyways we had planned to teach his family but they weren't in the house so we will return another day lol. 

This week i have felt the Atonement more and realized the importance of it and how everybody needs it in their life. We has Zone conference this week and President Cuvelier asked a question and that is "What have you learned through the Book of Mormon most?" I personally have learned more about repentance and the Atonement of Christ more. The Book of Mormon mentions repentance 360 times in just 600 pages (Portuguese has 600 pages) and without the Atonement we cant be forgiven of our sins and return to Heavenly Father. What have you all learned most from The Book of Mormon? If you haven't yet read it, find out for yourself by reading! 

I have photos this week lol!

-Elder Hammond

First pair of shoes worn out in 6 months! Time for the second pair, and mom preparing to send more!


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