Monday, June 26, 2017


Olá everybody!! 

This week, although has been awesome, has also been a long and stressful one for me. Stressful because my accent is still strong and now people start to kind of mimic how I sound and that doesn't exactly help at all so that is a downer because then I don't exactly want to talk at all because of this. I am known in other words because my accent is strong when I bear my testimony in Sacrament. It's not a fun feeling knowing that I stick out that much lol. I need help with my accent but I guess it comes over time I just have to be patient with myself.
Anyways this week has been crazy because Elder Eddington didn't break his foot but he had a bad blister on his foot that turned his whole foot black and purple and he wasn't allowed to walk for 5 days straight so he was sent to the mission home for this time but they didn't give Elder Barros a new companion for this time so for 5 days Elder Quaresma and me always had to go searching for him and help with his area during the night which isn't his fault. This kinda destroyed both areas goals for the week making it hard to do almost anything, to be honest. We always made our appointments but no time for new people really. 
A really cool thing happened two weeks ago but I forgot last week to talk about it is Brenda our recent convert one is thinking of serving a mission after she turns 19 and also her niece calls Elder Quaresma and me Pai pais dos ceús which translates to Fathers of the skies which from a two-year-old's mouth is pretty cool, to say the least! She is pretty funny though because she always says Oí or Tchau when we pass by their house.I am in need of my favorite food right now!!! So for those that know me a lot, I LOVE peanut butter!! Sometimes at home, I would eat one jar in a week because I would eat 2-4 peanut butter sandwiches in a sitting... Here its considered a sweet and or nobody has ate it because it's really expensive here. And I mean really!! A small thing or "peanut butter" is almost 12 reis and this is basically fake peanut butter so I don't bother... So the other night I had a dream I opened a fresh jar of peanut butter that hadn't been toughed. And that was my dream lol. Not much more to it unfortunately lol.

This week we have a goal of 3 investigators to be baptized this Saturday and this is actually the last week for this transfer. But its Lebny Gabriel and Abner. They are brothers and sisters and we will take them to the temple grounds of the Curitiba Templo exactly before the baptism so I will have photos of this next pday for you all!! This temple is huge !! I cant wait!

I wanted to bear a little of my testimony that I know this church is true with every ounce that I have in me. I know that this is the true Gospel of Jesus Christ on this earth today and that nothing stands even near to how perfect it stands on the earth today. I love the service that I am in right now and in face, i don't want to go home now. I do miss home and family and friends but when I think about it I am meant to be serving right now. I love my Savior with all my heart, might mind and soul. This is the best gift I could have in my life. To be able to live in a foreign country and speak the language for two years and do as Jesus Christ did for me and the world. I love the sacrament more and more every week because of the Atonement Jesus gave us by dying on the cross. Nobody has ever sinned too much where the light of Christ doesn't touch. Everybody can feel the joy Christ wants us to have! 

I love you all

-Elder Hammond

Photo courtesy of Elder Pettingill's mom. Missionaries love playing basketball with their companions on P-Day for some exercise and stress release after a lot of work and focus all week.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Olá Everybody - Week 15 (Pictures Below)

Olá everybody!!! 

This week has been kinda crazy to be honest but in a good crazy kind of way lol. Idk how to explain how it went .... One thing though for sure is that Brazil is scary in some areas! Monday or Tuesday we arrived in the house of AnaPaula and Julio and sat down and we heard one gun shot and then 8 more... We went outside and there was a drug dealing I think it was and a man was shot 9 times and it was less then 1/4 mile away and Julio actually arrived as he passed. This world is corrupt today a lot. If they had not been involved with drugs he would still be alive today and the other man would not be a killer... This world is crazy enough so we need to hang on to what is right in life. And for me that is the Gospel in my life right now. Every problem I had or will ever have is solved through this specific Gospel. The Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Anyways this week we have started to be more direct with everybody that we teach. This means asking difficult questions to those non members and those for sure inactive members. From members being direct with me about serving a mission I know at first the person is annoyed but I am thankful for the direct conversations I have had. I have found when we are direct with our investigators they have a better conversion and progress better in a shorter time because we ask direct and are firm but loving with them. I think this is how Christ taught during his ministry on this earth. He was direct and firm because he wanted them to progress for their life. I have recently asked when people dont follow through I ask them why do you think we ask you to do this? Its not for my life because I do the things that the Lord wants me to to. I ask you to read, pray, and go to church because its what the Lord wants and it will benefit your life. I will continue on with life if you do these things or not. And usually they follow through that next week. 

This week I read an article about what kind of missionary you want to be for these two very very short years. Its called "The Fourth Missionary" and it talks about being an effective missionary, and basically says number 1 returns home and number 4 helps lifes and benefits personally from service also. But its funny because number 3 is just short of number 4... The difference is that number 3 doesn't give the two years to the Lord and number 4 literally put everything at home in a box and serves all in. Number 3 completes everything and blesses lives but returns home with little or no knowledge... how sad is that? Serves two full years but revieves nothing in return. There is a lot of scriptures that describe this but basically number 4 is the best because he puts it all to the lord and receives more blessings. we can never repay God for our blessings we have. Everything we have is because of him! This is my new start today. I am going all in because the Lord has given me so so much and only wants my all especially now. I dont remember my scripture i am thinking of but i will share next week!

For our investigators this week. Anapaula and Julio are so so so close to marriage and then a Baptism and also Lebny Gabriel and abner are so close as well!!! Another cool thing this week is that we have a date goal for the sister of Brenda who i personally baptized! She has a belief in Joseph smith and has read the the first chapter in The Book of Mormon!!! Very excited for this week to come. I have photos this week because last week I forgot I think... Sorry lol

Tchau everybody!
Com amor

-Elder Hammond

I miss this boy!! So good to see his face so happy! 💓

Brazil Cheese Balls! Mmmmm 😋
Bryson had cold water for another week for showers. He figured out how to heat water on the stove, then take it to the bathroom in a bucket and rinse off at the end of his showers with the warm (not hot) water in the bucket. This helped him warm up a bit before getting out with shivers. The weather in Brazil is opposite of our seasons here in America. Summer is winter weather, and winter in the USA is summer weather there. So cold showers and winter weather is not a fun combination. (It does get very cold in Southern Brazil) They did finally get their water fixed today, so he finally has warm (but not hot) showers again. He's realized in Brazil they don't have hot showers like we do here. At least not where he has served to this point they don't. He said in his email to me today, that accepting this has made life easier for him. He knows when he returns home to the USA, he will have hot showers again. He said he's not in Brazil to worry about hot showers, but he is there to serve God. Made me cry and so thankful he's willing to sacrifice and have a good attitude having less luxuries for these 2 years. So proud to be his mom! - Amy Hammond 💓

Bryson's "I want one" face! lol 😀

Bryson and his goofy face! lol I miss my boy and his humor!
A special THANK YOU to Elder Pettingilli's mom Khristine for sending sharing these awesome pictures of our boys playing PDay Basketball with me!! These are tender mercies for a mama's heart when we can share pictures of our missionaries, and see these smiles!! Even Bryson's silly smile he loves to use like in the last pic!!! lol Thank you Khristine!! Your a blessing!! 💓😊- Amy Hammond (Bryson's mom)

haha Yep!! I miss this funny kid who brightens my life!!! lol 😂💓

Monday, June 12, 2017

Muito Muito CHUVA este samana!!!! (semana 14)

As you all can see from the title it has rained a lot here in Curitiba Sul this week. It probably rained 3-4 days and this meant cold and wet shoes and feet lol. Also we went without water for two days and this means no flushing and no showers so that was fun hahaha 🙃 Let me explain why we had no water. We have 4 houses next to us with one gate and the gate rolls open. So Elder Barros pulls it really hard and the gate fell on our pipes and busted open. So we had water still but all our neighbors didn't so they were a little mad. We had no water the next day because all houses have a huge water bucket on the top and this is about the size of one or two cars so because the pipes busted we were super low and had to wait two days for more water lol. And this I think was last Monday I don't really remember. Now we have water but because we don't have hot water the water sits outside in the cold so out of the shower head is about 30 degrees cold water everyday ... Its good though because I wake right up in the shower! So the other day I had enough of it and heated a bunch of water up on the stove and showered first with cold water and last with the hot water to rinse off lol. There is a first for everything and this was my first with a bucket shower. Lol but then we ran out of toilet paper and I will leave that story to itself lol....

Anyways this week has been great ( mais ou menos ) because we have had some great progress with our investigators because there was a family at church yesterday and they have a firm baptism date of the 24th of this month so in two weeks more baptisms which is AWESOME!!!!! They have grown so fast and quickly. This is the same family that was investigators 7 months prior but they were not ready then but are ready now!

My language for the mission is great but my accent is not so its really really frustrating when I say something 3 times and nothing is understood but then my companion says the same exact words and they are like ohhhhh now I get it...... I need an accent pronto!!! It will come soon enough lol. I have only been in the field 2 months I always remind myself every time lol. I understand people and I can read in Portuguese and speak it but its just my accent that is in the way now. Lol everybody knows I am american when I speak. but its cool because then they ask why I am so far from home and then I explain and that starts our lesson on the spot!

A lot has happened this week and its weird that I cant remember anything as of right now... Its how it goes here I guess lol. The saying is when in the service days feel like months and months feel like days and that is literally true here. That is when you are busy and always learning as much as you can. After all I am here to work and not sleep. I love the people and food but most of all I love being in the service of my Heavenly Father here! I know that I was not alled here by accident. I am always looking for ways to be a leader and help others because I know that's what the Savior did in his life here in a place we call Earth! I know it wont be long till I see you all again!

Love you all! Até mais!
-Elder Bryson Daniel Hammond ☺

Photo sent to me by Ted Moroni Ferreira. He gave Bryson "gifts." :-) A box of American Mac & Cheese, and a guide to help Bryson master his Portuguese accent. He and his wife had the missionaries over for Family Night, with investigators. Then fed them cupcakes and home made brownies after. I know Bryson LOVED the gifts and treats! So thankful for kind hearts of the Brazilian members and investigators who take care and show Bryson and his companion love! - Amy Hammond (Bryson's Mom)

Monday, June 5, 2017

Semana 13

Wow I can´t believe that is is semana 13 and I have been here in the field for over 2 months now. We have a new missionary in the house now I think I mentioned and he is from California and when I explain things a little in English its very very difficult to speak English. I know the words but the Portuguese leaves my mouth every single time lol. This is a good thing!!!

This week has been an adventure to say the least lol. I want to start with a story about how food was this week. yes, I had lunch everyday and sometimes I had dinner actually but this is about food that I have never had before and wont touch again lol....

We had lunch this week with a member at a buffet that I have never been to in this area. We are serving our plates and I mean pilling our plates up because well its a buffet and I am really really hungry not only from our walk but because I am always ready for food. I come across this one dish that looked like chicken and tomato sauce so I ask Elder Quaresma What is this? he said: its chicken! So loving chicken I pile it on top of my rice and beans and I am very excited to eat this food now! I have by rice beans and chicken and some salad because health lol. I pray for the food and then I look at the "chicken" a little more and then look at Elder Quaresma and look back at the chicken and it looks like the skin of a chicken when you pluck the feathers...... I think "this is not chicken" 😐 I try it and its the most sour fatty tasting thing ever! After that I asked Elder Quaresma "What is this?" he said: Its stomach... what stomach I asked? He said: lamb stomach..... 😷 Lol "that's it I'm going home" I thought to myself!! Not to mention I already had been feeling sick today with a runny nose and a sore throat this is the last thing I wanted. And because I had a runny nose and sore throat the flavor stuck in my throat all day.... I don't remember the name in Portuguese but I recognize the name when people say it and I was warned of this before my mission... To the date the worst thing I have ever had and this includes how much I hate yogurt with fruit chunks inside lol.

We had splits with Elder Pettingill this week and he said that his mom knows you mom so I thought that was pretty cool to mention. His area is awesome but it has lots of hills and I mean they aren't little. Almost mountains lol Elder Pettingill is from Sacramental California as well as every other missionary from California is lol! But it rained all day in his area and we walked a lot. I think his area is 3 times the size of mine lol.

We had new investigators last week and they knew us before we had a lesson. Their 14 year old daughter is crazy to say the least. She tried to take a photo of me during the lesson which I was not expecting but I caught her when she almost took it and she put the phone out of reach after. She is known to have stalked my Facebook as well. Same family that said if she gets baptized you take her back to America with you ... kinda a crazy family in general lol. So our recent convert Brenda has a crazy dog that always barks and wont stop so we started to spray the dog with a water bottle every time and its the funniest thing because Brenda is okay with this as well because they don't like that the dog barks all the time!!

I think I have more photos coming from this past week. But I love you all so much and cant wait to send another email this coming next week for you all. I miss home sometimes but when I think of it I have grown so much here in the 3 months then I would have in a year home. I love this service and the people in my life right now and at times I love the struggle of a new language. Its coming and soon enough I will have an accent lol. Maybe! 

Love you all!!
-Elder Hammond