Monday, June 12, 2017

Muito Muito CHUVA este samana!!!! (semana 14)

As you all can see from the title it has rained a lot here in Curitiba Sul this week. It probably rained 3-4 days and this meant cold and wet shoes and feet lol. Also we went without water for two days and this means no flushing and no showers so that was fun hahaha 🙃 Let me explain why we had no water. We have 4 houses next to us with one gate and the gate rolls open. So Elder Barros pulls it really hard and the gate fell on our pipes and busted open. So we had water still but all our neighbors didn't so they were a little mad. We had no water the next day because all houses have a huge water bucket on the top and this is about the size of one or two cars so because the pipes busted we were super low and had to wait two days for more water lol. And this I think was last Monday I don't really remember. Now we have water but because we don't have hot water the water sits outside in the cold so out of the shower head is about 30 degrees cold water everyday ... Its good though because I wake right up in the shower! So the other day I had enough of it and heated a bunch of water up on the stove and showered first with cold water and last with the hot water to rinse off lol. There is a first for everything and this was my first with a bucket shower. Lol but then we ran out of toilet paper and I will leave that story to itself lol....

Anyways this week has been great ( mais ou menos ) because we have had some great progress with our investigators because there was a family at church yesterday and they have a firm baptism date of the 24th of this month so in two weeks more baptisms which is AWESOME!!!!! They have grown so fast and quickly. This is the same family that was investigators 7 months prior but they were not ready then but are ready now!

My language for the mission is great but my accent is not so its really really frustrating when I say something 3 times and nothing is understood but then my companion says the same exact words and they are like ohhhhh now I get it...... I need an accent pronto!!! It will come soon enough lol. I have only been in the field 2 months I always remind myself every time lol. I understand people and I can read in Portuguese and speak it but its just my accent that is in the way now. Lol everybody knows I am american when I speak. but its cool because then they ask why I am so far from home and then I explain and that starts our lesson on the spot!

A lot has happened this week and its weird that I cant remember anything as of right now... Its how it goes here I guess lol. The saying is when in the service days feel like months and months feel like days and that is literally true here. That is when you are busy and always learning as much as you can. After all I am here to work and not sleep. I love the people and food but most of all I love being in the service of my Heavenly Father here! I know that I was not alled here by accident. I am always looking for ways to be a leader and help others because I know that's what the Savior did in his life here in a place we call Earth! I know it wont be long till I see you all again!

Love you all! Até mais!
-Elder Bryson Daniel Hammond ☺

Photo sent to me by Ted Moroni Ferreira. He gave Bryson "gifts." :-) A box of American Mac & Cheese, and a guide to help Bryson master his Portuguese accent. He and his wife had the missionaries over for Family Night, with investigators. Then fed them cupcakes and home made brownies after. I know Bryson LOVED the gifts and treats! So thankful for kind hearts of the Brazilian members and investigators who take care and show Bryson and his companion love! - Amy Hammond (Bryson's Mom)

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