Monday, June 19, 2017

Olá Everybody - Week 15 (Pictures Below)

Olá everybody!!! 

This week has been kinda crazy to be honest but in a good crazy kind of way lol. Idk how to explain how it went .... One thing though for sure is that Brazil is scary in some areas! Monday or Tuesday we arrived in the house of AnaPaula and Julio and sat down and we heard one gun shot and then 8 more... We went outside and there was a drug dealing I think it was and a man was shot 9 times and it was less then 1/4 mile away and Julio actually arrived as he passed. This world is corrupt today a lot. If they had not been involved with drugs he would still be alive today and the other man would not be a killer... This world is crazy enough so we need to hang on to what is right in life. And for me that is the Gospel in my life right now. Every problem I had or will ever have is solved through this specific Gospel. The Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Anyways this week we have started to be more direct with everybody that we teach. This means asking difficult questions to those non members and those for sure inactive members. From members being direct with me about serving a mission I know at first the person is annoyed but I am thankful for the direct conversations I have had. I have found when we are direct with our investigators they have a better conversion and progress better in a shorter time because we ask direct and are firm but loving with them. I think this is how Christ taught during his ministry on this earth. He was direct and firm because he wanted them to progress for their life. I have recently asked when people dont follow through I ask them why do you think we ask you to do this? Its not for my life because I do the things that the Lord wants me to to. I ask you to read, pray, and go to church because its what the Lord wants and it will benefit your life. I will continue on with life if you do these things or not. And usually they follow through that next week. 

This week I read an article about what kind of missionary you want to be for these two very very short years. Its called "The Fourth Missionary" and it talks about being an effective missionary, and basically says number 1 returns home and number 4 helps lifes and benefits personally from service also. But its funny because number 3 is just short of number 4... The difference is that number 3 doesn't give the two years to the Lord and number 4 literally put everything at home in a box and serves all in. Number 3 completes everything and blesses lives but returns home with little or no knowledge... how sad is that? Serves two full years but revieves nothing in return. There is a lot of scriptures that describe this but basically number 4 is the best because he puts it all to the lord and receives more blessings. we can never repay God for our blessings we have. Everything we have is because of him! This is my new start today. I am going all in because the Lord has given me so so much and only wants my all especially now. I dont remember my scripture i am thinking of but i will share next week!

For our investigators this week. Anapaula and Julio are so so so close to marriage and then a Baptism and also Lebny Gabriel and abner are so close as well!!! Another cool thing this week is that we have a date goal for the sister of Brenda who i personally baptized! She has a belief in Joseph smith and has read the the first chapter in The Book of Mormon!!! Very excited for this week to come. I have photos this week because last week I forgot I think... Sorry lol

Tchau everybody!
Com amor

-Elder Hammond

I miss this boy!! So good to see his face so happy! 💓

Brazil Cheese Balls! Mmmmm 😋
Bryson had cold water for another week for showers. He figured out how to heat water on the stove, then take it to the bathroom in a bucket and rinse off at the end of his showers with the warm (not hot) water in the bucket. This helped him warm up a bit before getting out with shivers. The weather in Brazil is opposite of our seasons here in America. Summer is winter weather, and winter in the USA is summer weather there. So cold showers and winter weather is not a fun combination. (It does get very cold in Southern Brazil) They did finally get their water fixed today, so he finally has warm (but not hot) showers again. He's realized in Brazil they don't have hot showers like we do here. At least not where he has served to this point they don't. He said in his email to me today, that accepting this has made life easier for him. He knows when he returns home to the USA, he will have hot showers again. He said he's not in Brazil to worry about hot showers, but he is there to serve God. Made me cry and so thankful he's willing to sacrifice and have a good attitude having less luxuries for these 2 years. So proud to be his mom! - Amy Hammond 💓

Bryson's "I want one" face! lol 😀

Bryson and his goofy face! lol I miss my boy and his humor!
A special THANK YOU to Elder Pettingilli's mom Khristine for sending sharing these awesome pictures of our boys playing PDay Basketball with me!! These are tender mercies for a mama's heart when we can share pictures of our missionaries, and see these smiles!! Even Bryson's silly smile he loves to use like in the last pic!!! lol Thank you Khristine!! Your a blessing!! 💓😊- Amy Hammond (Bryson's mom)

haha Yep!! I miss this funny kid who brightens my life!!! lol 😂💓

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