Monday, June 26, 2017


Olá everybody!! 

This week, although has been awesome, has also been a long and stressful one for me. Stressful because my accent is still strong and now people start to kind of mimic how I sound and that doesn't exactly help at all so that is a downer because then I don't exactly want to talk at all because of this. I am known in other words because my accent is strong when I bear my testimony in Sacrament. It's not a fun feeling knowing that I stick out that much lol. I need help with my accent but I guess it comes over time I just have to be patient with myself.
Anyways this week has been crazy because Elder Eddington didn't break his foot but he had a bad blister on his foot that turned his whole foot black and purple and he wasn't allowed to walk for 5 days straight so he was sent to the mission home for this time but they didn't give Elder Barros a new companion for this time so for 5 days Elder Quaresma and me always had to go searching for him and help with his area during the night which isn't his fault. This kinda destroyed both areas goals for the week making it hard to do almost anything, to be honest. We always made our appointments but no time for new people really. 
A really cool thing happened two weeks ago but I forgot last week to talk about it is Brenda our recent convert one is thinking of serving a mission after she turns 19 and also her niece calls Elder Quaresma and me Pai pais dos ceús which translates to Fathers of the skies which from a two-year-old's mouth is pretty cool, to say the least! She is pretty funny though because she always says Oí or Tchau when we pass by their house.I am in need of my favorite food right now!!! So for those that know me a lot, I LOVE peanut butter!! Sometimes at home, I would eat one jar in a week because I would eat 2-4 peanut butter sandwiches in a sitting... Here its considered a sweet and or nobody has ate it because it's really expensive here. And I mean really!! A small thing or "peanut butter" is almost 12 reis and this is basically fake peanut butter so I don't bother... So the other night I had a dream I opened a fresh jar of peanut butter that hadn't been toughed. And that was my dream lol. Not much more to it unfortunately lol.

This week we have a goal of 3 investigators to be baptized this Saturday and this is actually the last week for this transfer. But its Lebny Gabriel and Abner. They are brothers and sisters and we will take them to the temple grounds of the Curitiba Templo exactly before the baptism so I will have photos of this next pday for you all!! This temple is huge !! I cant wait!

I wanted to bear a little of my testimony that I know this church is true with every ounce that I have in me. I know that this is the true Gospel of Jesus Christ on this earth today and that nothing stands even near to how perfect it stands on the earth today. I love the service that I am in right now and in face, i don't want to go home now. I do miss home and family and friends but when I think about it I am meant to be serving right now. I love my Savior with all my heart, might mind and soul. This is the best gift I could have in my life. To be able to live in a foreign country and speak the language for two years and do as Jesus Christ did for me and the world. I love the sacrament more and more every week because of the Atonement Jesus gave us by dying on the cross. Nobody has ever sinned too much where the light of Christ doesn't touch. Everybody can feel the joy Christ wants us to have! 

I love you all

-Elder Hammond

Photo courtesy of Elder Pettingill's mom. Missionaries love playing basketball with their companions on P-Day for some exercise and stress release after a lot of work and focus all week.

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