Monday, July 3, 2017

I HAVE THE BOTTOM BUNK (evil laughing)

So transfers was today and from the photos you can see that my new companheiro is Elder Krepz and actually he was the companion of my companion in the CTM if that makes sense lol. But anyways he is pretty cool and I know already that this transfer will be awesome!!! He has been serving for 10 months now so he is a great missionary as of now. 

This week has been great but also frustrating to say the least and not because of the idioma this week I have faith that I will gain an accent sooner or later lol. We has baptism fall through again and also the temple trip with them fell again but there is good news to that too! Lebny the sister of Gabriel and Abner said that she has a dream she was writing in The Book of Mormon about her testimony and experiences of her baptism in the front page! I know it has been hard to help her with certeza (Portuguese word idk in English lol) about baptism but now she said she is really really close to that special day! This is good because when she is ready this means without a doubt she will be baptized!! With downfalls we always have blessings!! Also AnaPaula and Julio are so close to marriage and then baptism!! All they need left is R$50 for this day! I cant wait for them to finally get married!!!! 

We started this thing this week of looking up and searching for ex investigators and we found A LOT with 11 new investigators this week alone and really good families specifically ones that are ready to hear the gospel and have their lives changed for the better! One family specific is Juliana and her daughter Isabely (14) and Isabely started to read the book of Mormon already after the first visit! She looked into the internet about Joseph Smith and likes the story of him. This is good and bad because the internet talks a lot of bad about the church so I will direst her and her family to the website of the Church lol. 

Lol this week na verdade Saturday night and Sunday night I set an alarm for 5AM for other elders in their room haha. They did not like that too much at all! Elder Barros said Vou voltar this means I will return so I have something coming soon for me and Elder Krepz!

Today we have family night in the house of our Bishop with Lebny Gabriel and Abner and we will talk about the Atonement of Christ in our life!!! Cant wait!

Tchau ! More fotos soon!!

- Elder Bryson Daniel Hammond 

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