Monday, July 31, 2017

"Jesus arrived!!" (Week 21)

First i want to explain the title and why there is quotations around the phrase lol. So the other day and this was Saturday we had an interview for a baptism and then after we arrived to lunch and knocked the gate. A little boy of the family ran out and looked at us and ran back into the house and yelled "Jesus Arrived" ! Lol i just think its funny when little kids refer to us as Jesus arrived or other names. It was a very good lunch too !! After this we visited the temple with a investigator Vitor and his Girlfriend and he will be baptized this Saturday!! I am so excited for him to be baptized because he is so ready for this next step. I think he has been our investigator for 2 or 3 weeks and we didn't even have to ask the baptism question. He mentioned it to us and then we set a date for this Saturday. 
Lol this week we had splits with the Elders in our house and i learned that when you knock a door and they say i am about to leave... Lol we started talking with this guy that said i am about to leave so we started teaching on the spot and then he let us in. After 45 min to 1 hour we taught him and his wife so they were not about to leave at all lol. I have learned teaching on the spot is a lot better in the end because after a lesson normally people want to learn more about what we represent. Like the little boy said Jesus arrived we literally represent Jesus Christ in our area because we are called to be that representative of Him. 
I SAW # MUSTANGS HERE IN 2 WEEKS!!! one was a v6 but the others were GT´s!! I finally got a picture of one on the way to the Temple!!
This week i have been getting up at 7AM which is half an hour early then normal but it means i get to have 30 more minutes of personnel study every single day which means 3.5 more hours a week and this doesn't include when i read after the day is done to relax. I have found doing this i understand the scriptures in Portuguese a lot more and sometimes its a story in the scriptures i needed for that exact day for a member or investigator! 
Oh the other day when we went to the temple We played punch buggy but also include the Volkswagen vans and the score by the end of the day was 38-40! Lol usually not that high of numbers! 
Here are some fotos of this week too!
-Elder Hammond


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