Monday, July 17, 2017

Olá or oí (19 weeks)

This week has been tough because my companion and I were constantly sick him more than I but this prevented us from really working our hardest. This does not feel good in any way at all but we will continue on this next week with full force! We are doing much better now though! 

This week we found out that AnaPaula and Julio have moved to another ward :( I was really sad but then I realized that the Sisters there will help AnaPaula a lot more than us Elders can. Sometimes it's not about the baptisms in our area but that they get to continue to progress in another area. Because they moved they can now get married and then baptized which I will be so happy when they do get baptized and after a year be sealed in the temple!!! 

This week we marked 3 baptism dates for 12-8-2017 which is in August one day before we have transfers and yes we are already almost to that date which is crazy because time flew by so fast! They are super firm in this date and I couldn't be happier for them! They attend all church meetings and activities without us needing to always remind them which shows their desire to be in church and activities! 

Lol so funny thing is Saturday night the ward had a party and we were eating and talking and then a member came to me and said I don't mean to make you feel embarrassed but your pants have ripped.... I was so shocked because I didn't hear or feel them rip... He said it's okay just have fun and don't worry.... Lol yeah, I was like let's go and change my pants because the hole is enormous and our house is really close!! I don't think I can even save the pants to be completely honest. Either I am fat now (thanks, beans and rice and desserts ) or the pants were too small in the first place lol. I will always remember this which is cool I guess but idk who else knows about the rip 😂😂😂

Besides being a little sick and all I don't remember much more. Oh, I have had language and all my studies ever single day this week which is amazing and has helped my days to be a lot better! The language is coming !!! Zone conferences are tomorrow and I am so excited for that! 

-Elder Bryson Hammond

Curitiba Brazil Temple - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

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