Tuesday, July 11, 2017

4 Months (18 weeks)

This week was rely good with my new companion Elder Krepsz ! I am learning how to speak better Portuguese too which is great because I need to better my idioma lol. Its funny because even people here know that the language here is very difficult to be able to speak so they continue to help me out all the time. 

First I want to explain that Pday is today because we visited the Temple today and took some photos too. I was not allowed to write anybody that it was changed to Tuesday so I was kinda upset about that. Lol this week did go by fast and I think that this week will go by fast too because we have meetings this week and everything is being switched around and also because we have a lot of work to be doing right now with our investigators. This week we have had progression with our investigators as well and now after we visited the temple with some Saturday they see the bigger picture then they ever have. Lebny Gabriel and Abner have progressed and know baptism is the next step so now we just need a date for baptism now. We will plan for this date tonight when we teach the lesson tonight! Vary excited for this!!!

Lol So there has been some funny experiences this week and some weird ones too. The first weird one is that one girl believed in our message but would not or did not want to pray to know for sure so that it was true. Lol That was a bit of a shock to me but cant force somebody to want it. 

Elder Krepsz likes to play punch buggy a lot so we play that while walking from house to house and one day he won 5-18 which is crazy and other times I was close like 9-9 and today is 5-2 and I am winning finally but prob not for long lolol. Another night we were knocking doors and this HUGE bear/dog thing came out of the garage and a pit bull and I didn't see the pit bull at first. Then the pit bull jumped higher then my head and I almost .... "almost" screamed like a little girl xD 

I don't remember much of my week because it went by so so so fast but I am ready for the next week!!

-Elder Hammond

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