Monday, August 14, 2017

Hello again everybody! (Week 23)

Today I start my new journey in another area and this means I am emailing from a lan house which is kinda a downfall but this area is huge which means lots of people to work with and more growth of the Church of Jesus Christ !!! 

This past Saturday we had the baptism of Lebny Gabriel and Abner!!!! I am so so so happy for their decision to be baptized and am so honored I was able to baptize Lebny! After Sunday they said to me that if I leave for another area that my mission was complete in Novo Mundo because they were baptized! I am also so happy to see Gabriel and Abner be ordained as a Teacher and Deacon and receive the Priesthood !! There is literally no other better feeling than to see the people I care about be more happy than they ever have and see the light glow on them! So in our church, after we are Baptised you receive the Gift of The Holy ghost! I did the confirmation for Lebny and yes it was in Portuguese in front of the whole ward. 

My language is not as much as a stress as it has been in the past and I think this is just because I am being patient with myself and realizing I am only 5 months here so I can be calm! 

I am so very excited for this new area too now! I am nervous but I am excited to help this area grow! No matter where I serve I will be working as hard as I did in the last area! Our church session starts here at 2 PM so that's going to be a little bit different but maybe this means more can attend sacrament meeting when we invite? Idk let's see how this goes. My companion wants to learn English so this means we will have language study every day and 30 min of English for him too! 

I am so honored to be here in Brasil and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ in another language. I am so honored to be able to wear a nametag with my name and Jesus Christ on it too! 

Photos soon! 

-Elder Hammond

The baptism of Lebny Gabriel and Abner! Bryson was able to baptize Lebny. He sure loves this family!

Bryson with his new companion Elder Perera! He was transferred today to a new area, about 30 min from where he was before. We found out his new area is called Pioneiros or pronounced "Pioneers" in English.

So fun to see the items and hand written letters we sent Bryson in his care packages this month! We love and miss you Bryson! Hope these things help home not feel so far away.

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