Monday, September 18, 2017

Oí Everybody Fazenda Rio Grande Semana 4-5 (Hi Everybody Fazenda Rio Grande Week 4-5) *Week 28

So first sorry i didn't have time to send a big email to everybody last week. It was my birthday so i had a lot of time talking to my family for my birthday!

I have had a lot of things that have gone on these past two weeks with a lot of experiences and a lot of just the normal. One thing that happened is that my friends Elder Sousa and Elder Goes have now gotten a home closer to their area now. Well actually its in their area which means now we have a house that is huge for just two missionaries lol. But this week we have had our investigators really really progress by either going to church or they are understanding everything we teach them and literally throwing out the coffee from the house lol. 

One of the days we were knocking doors ( we have knocked a lot!) we entered into the house and felt the spirit really strong. Anyways at the end of every lesson we ask if we can do anything to help of service of any kind. He began to talk about literally nothing and about life. It came down to it and he was asking for food. And its not like he said i wasn't a hamburger, he just said as small as a cup of rice would help his whole family be able to eat. At this moment i felt bad because sometimes money is tight for everybody but he was just asking for a little bit of rice. We don't have money to give out but i do want to see how we can help him for sure! 

The other day we were fasting to be able to find those that are looking for the truth. We passed a house and i saw a little boy running inside (maybe 2 years old) and i had an impression... Knock their door and talk to them. After lunch (because we were late) i knocked their door and said exactly what i thought Hello my name is Elder Hammond and my friend is Elder Pereira and we had a thought earlier that we need to share our message with you because its important for me and i know it can be important for your family and it brings blessings! Can we share this message with your family right now? Needless to say we entered right away and taught them. I don't know what will happen next but if i wasn't able to listen to the Holy Ghost we would not have talked to them. We will visit them this week to see how they are doing! 

Last thing i want to talk about is we found a less active family the other day with her 5 kids and how she wants the best for them (mom their son looks like me as a 2 year old and my cousin Bracken lol). We were talking and i thought of my mom! I remember my mom always wants the best for me and my siblings and i am so so so grateful for my mom today! When anything was hard she always brought Scriptures and God into the subject and even when sometimes i wasn't always the best at following i know we need the scriptures and God in our lives today! Thank you mom for always being a big example for me even when i was stubborn at times and didn't know where i wanted to be. Now i know without you i couldn't have found these things for myself. I know now we all need to search God in our lives to be better people and to learn and grow. I know that we have a Prophet today that talks with Our Heavenly Father and can guide our family better ! As President Gordon B. Hinkley said Satan knows where to place those bombs to destroy us and the first bomb is to destroy a family. In these days we need to build our house on top of God and Jesus Christ (our cement) and then build our pillars of church, prayer and scripture pondering!  I know this is a priority in these modern days!

Love you all!
-Elder Hammond 

The pizza was my 6 months in the mission!!!! - Bryson

A new tie! Thank you Grandma! Its a woven tie! - Bryson

Jacqueline made a birthday cake for Bryson! Claudio sent me these pictures on my birthday (9/15/17) over WhatsApp and said that Bryson said he was sharing this cake with me for my birthday. Such a sweet son I have! I missed him more than words on both of our birthday's, which are 4 days apart. - Mom (Amy Hammond)

Thank you Jacqueline for making Bryson a birthday cake! Thank you Claudio and Jacqueline for always taking such good care of our boys, and sending me pictures and messages so we know how Bryson is doing! We sure miss him, so these are tender mercy blessings you bring to us! - Mom (Amy Hammond)

Claudio with all 4 Elders

Such amazing missionaries!

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