Monday, October 9, 2017

Sete meses já??? (Week 31)

This week was really rainy which is almost annoying because last week was 30-32 degrees almost every day and not its cold and rainy but I guess that's cool. I am loving my mission and growing so much from it! we are always learning like tomorrow I have to give a training for our district and I have never done a training for our district alone but tomorrow will be that day !!

This week we were walking to one appointment (he wasn't in the house) and this guy left a small shack stop area and stopped us in the street. He said hey I need your help. My wife died 3 years ago and I need help to get a pass for the bus to return to my house. Do you have money to help? My companion and I thought for a moment and my companion said: "But hold on this grocery bag with beer inside you just bought is your or no?" He said, "no no no it's for my friend...." My companion: "So you can buy your friend a beer but cant buy a bus pass?" Then me: "And these cigarettes (cigarro) in your pocket that is open is for your friend too?" Anyways he was lying to us directly to our face. This just is one of the times that this has happened lol. It's amazing how people get addicted to these things and can't stop buying and taking them into their body! 

This week I have been reading The Book of Mormon directly and not just studying parts here and there. But I am now reading directly but I am pondering on what I read and finding how I can learn from the scriptures. I have found myself always hungry to learn more and more. Every day I am able to read and understand how this gospel brings us felicidade for our lives! The Last general conference we had spoke immensely about the Book of Mormon. If you are not reading every single day starting now. Not because I said it, not because my companion is doing this too but because God has a prophet that is saying we need to read every single day. A Prophet that is called of God, not a man. I know that we have a prophet today that lives and we will always have a prophet to guide our life here on earth! I know that The Book of Mormon can cure our spirits and our bodies here on earth! We can know more about God and his son Jesus Christ through it!

-Elder Hammond 

"Playing Risk!!!" 😊

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