Monday, October 16, 2017

Semana 3 em Fazenda Rio Grande! (Week 32)

This past week was kinda long only because every day it rained in the afternoon and we never had umbrellas because it doesn't look like it will rain but then it pours rain like there is no tomorrow!  It was also raining baptisms this Saturday too! We had one baptism of Ana Paula the wife of Willian!!! Lol we Always joke about her name because it's so long... her name completely is Ana Paula Massoni de Oliveria Leão de Oliveria ... It was really cool because Willian got to baptize her !! Willian already has a calling in the Ward as the assistant Ward mission leader! This whole thing with our Ward mission leader is that he is never in church and the other elders that are new in our Ward still have not met him so this is a problem. We need his help because in the 10 weeks I have been here in this Ward have only had one meeting with him... the first 5 weeks we didn't even have a Ward mission leader. For those that don't know what the Ward mission leader is it's just a calling for a member that will help us with our investigators and help them have friends in the Ward without the missionaries there. So he is very important in missionary work!

This week was good though overall! I have been focusing a lot on learning from The Book of Mormon and not just Reading through it like a small chapter book. I am Reading from 1 hour to maybe 2.5 hours a day just in The Book of Mormon and looking to learn more. Every time I read I am learning something new!

This week its been harder to get people to church! This will be our focus this week for sure! Dedicating Saturdays to getting everybody to church if it means leaving the house Sunday 9 hours in the morning I will!! Well, me and my companion will!

This time is passing by really fast now! October is already halfway done and I can't believe it!

The elders in our house found out I have a fear of spiders... Especially here because all the spiders here are the brown spider. Which idk how to spell the name in English anymore. The one that can kill people so yeah there is that lol...

Sending fotos soon!

-Elder Hammond

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