Monday, November 27, 2017

300 Popsicles! (Week 38)

Hello everybody!

This week we had zone conference so we were there all day on Wednesday it seemed like. Anyways we learned more about our purpose and how we can establish goals better. This training is what is exactly what we needed because it seems like a lot of us are making goals that are really high. 

So this Saturday we had a activity that was gincana which idk what that means in English but I know what it is. anyways we had these tournaments or small games with 4 teams. It was things like the egg race or the wheel barrow and also bible questions with a smack in the face with whip cream! I lost one of the questions so I got whip cream to the face because of Elder Bezerra 😂. One thing we want next time is more investigators to have fun and have friends in the ward. Oh so with 20-25 people we had 300 popsicles so I think this day I are alone 15 popsicles which was great because it was I think 90 degrees outside. This email is kinda random but this week was super great learning more and helping our investigators. 

Another thing we learned this week was that the church has the Christmas program again this year. I will put a link at the bottom but it shows a video and shows 25 ways we can be the light of the world in this season! They have a video for every 25 days also! Its so great seeing how we can be a light for the world. So like we do with every street contact... How can you all be The light of the world this Christmas season? Go to this sight!

I couldn't find the English link so just!

- Elder Hammond

 P.S. I Really Liked this Video! 
After church yesterday with members...

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