Monday, November 13, 2017

Semana de 06/11/17-12/11/17 (Week 36)

This week has flown by so fast and I don't even know how to think that November is already halfway done. It has flown by super fast and I don't want it to fly by any faster. Its been a week of really hot in the morning and then cold and sometimes rainy at night so I get to feel all 4 seasons in one day 7 times a week lol! This week we have been really working harder to make contacts in the street and like always knocking doors lol but it's been great because we can talk to so many people during the day and teach them too! Actually, sometimes people make contact with us and talk to us first and then we do the rest and make a missionary contact and share about The Book of Mormon. Speaking of this week I have gotten to the book of Alma in reading so I will be here for a while with as many chapters as there is! My Portuguese is still getting better as time goes by too! 

This time of the year is the best time of year I think! This month on the 27th my mission and I think Mission Curitiba we will sing for Christmas as a huge group and for our ward, the 4 Elders will be singing in Sacrament and maybe I will have a part in English but that solo part is no guarantee yet lol. But for sure we will be singing for our ward soon! 

This Sunday that just passed we learned a lot about missionary work and it was interesting because how it wasn't focused on the missionaries like you would think but it was centered on the members of the church and how we can all be missionaries and share the gospel! You don't need a name tag to bring the gospel into somebodies life! Its all about being an example and opening your mouth to shard the truthfulness of the restored gospel today!

I know that this is the true Church of Jesus Christ on the earth and restored today! I know that The Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ today! I have been reading it every single day and I haven't found joy in reading until my mission and really understanding and practicing what I read is what is making a difference in my life! 

-Elder Hammond

Scripture for today: Alma 5:16-19

"Pictures of the missionaries in Fazenda rio Grande. In the first photo idk what we were doing." lol - Bryson

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