Monday, November 6, 2017

"Que frio da cebola" (Week 35)

Today was transfers and tomorrow is my 8 months in the Mission in Curitiba! So I'm going to stay here in Fazenda Rio Grande for yet another transfer and I couldn't be more excited, to be honest! I will be here 4 and a half months by the time this transfer is over so I will be here the same time as my first area!!! 

This week it rained and rained hard and that is why its summer but everybody is in jackets as of now! I am not much of a fan of the cold because I always lived in the heat in Florida where its 100 degrees every single day lol. 

Also, one thing different here is in Brasil on the 2nd of November we have a holiday that is named deaths day "dia dos mortos" where everybody goes to the cemetery and visits lost ones. It was sad because we saw some people that died really really young. But what were we doing there? We were teaching The Plan of Salvation and handing out the Book of Mormon for people there. We had a total of 12 missionaries at the Cemetery walking and talking to everybody that we could. In a total of the 12 missionaries, I think we have 50 people to visit now which is great! This was a huge mind opener because lots of people believe that we can be forever together but don't know how its possible we can have this. Through revelation, we know that families can be together forever and eternity but we have to do things on the earth to make this happen!  I love the Plan God has made for us that we can return to his presence some day and have happiness without end. I can't even imagine happiness without end but I know it's worth working for!

This email is shorter but I know that We have the fullness of the Gospel on the earth today and that we have a living prophet that speaks to God and leads us to be closer to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ! I am reading The Book of Mormon every single day and am feasting upon the words and applying them to my life! I know the Church is TRUE!! Love you all and have a great week!! 😁

-Elder Bryson Daniel Hammond

P.s. No more dogs have tried to bite me!

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