Monday, November 20, 2017


So as you call all read in the title I have a chance to speak English in my area now and its not because I am teaching English but for the time that I am here I get to translate church for a investigator that just moved here from Africa that only speaks English and only has 2 weeks in Brasil. he came here to find better work so as he is living here we will be teaching him in English about the Restored Gospel today! I arrived to church yesterday and one of the members of the other ward said "Elder I have a friend here and his name is Cromwell and he only speaks English so I need you to translate everything for him so that he can understand and learn. He liked church but I told him I would translate better next time because to be honest I forgot a lot of words in English when I was trying to translate form him. Good thing or bad thing? I have no idea but it was really cool because he was like "wait you are American? I thought you were from Brasil!" In the Gospel Principles class we taught about talents which I thought was cool because I don't have a perfect talent to speak Portuguese but I can understand 100 percent of what is being said so I had the chance to help our friend Cromwell understand what was being said. sometimes we don't know we have talents because we are not working on it. Like in Ether 12:27 it talks about God gave us weaknesses so that those can become our strong points. I have a strong testimony that our weaknesses are sometimes what we need so that we can work to make them better and then we can be stronger in the end. 

We are having a activity this Saturday with our investigators and ward members to help build our ward strong together and our investigators can be friends with the members. Because some day the missionaries will move and they need a friend there to help them keep going to church after we as missionaries return home. I have a testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel and its forever growing day by day! I know the church is true and Christ lives and is our savior!! Love you all!

Until next week!!😀
-Elder Hammond

Scripture: Moroni 7:44-48
Matthew chapter 27 (the atonement)

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