Monday, December 4, 2017

Fazenda rio Grande 4 Months (Week 39)

So I have 4 months here in Fazenda rio Grande in the pioneer ward and its a bit crazy because a member yesterday called me a member and not Elder because I have been here so long. lol If I stay another I will have 6 months here! 

This week we had an opportunity to sing for more then 1000 people which was so cool! We sang one for one which I think was written by Elder Niel L. Anderson but we sang it in Portuguese which was awesome! Firstly we walked down the stairs of 200 missionaries and at first it was quiet and then we started to sing and I had chills down to my feet because the presence of the spirit was so so so strong. I have never felt singing so strong in my life until this day. I love singing and especially with the missionaries here. I may not be the best but they smile that brings to the faces of others is the best feeling. There were members and non-members there and they all said we almost cried or did actually cry. For sure I will be singing in the church in just the ward or stake or anything that I can do lol. 

This week has been a rough week, to say the least from seeing girls that are 15 with their first child to having somebody return The book of Mormon to us because he chose to not understand. We cant make somebody try if they don't want to but it makes my heart hurt for them. Also finding the pass out cards on the street with The baby Jesus and Mary. Any religion or church I could never throw a picture of Christ on the street. This week was for sure a mind opener of how these are for sure the last days because of how much hurt and pain people are suffering. I am honored to share the Gospel with people in Basil every single day. I am seeing the world from another perspective more every single day. Sometimes the children are hurting and want to listen but the parents won't allow us to enter. My companion and I have been seeing girls with 15-16 already raising a 4-day old baby alone with the father being a son of a pastor. 

I know this Gospel to be true on the earth today and that we need to open our eyes for a chance to help another that is suffering in life or just needs a person to give them a hug. Be the light of the world this season but continue through the year too! You all can help another person in any form! 

Love you all!
-Elder Hammond

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