Monday, December 18, 2017

3rd Area!!! (Week 41)

Today starts a new chapter in my mission because i will be serving in a area called Colonia Rio Grande and i will also be training a new missionary that just left the MTC so he has no experience whatsoever in the mission. Now is my job to show him how to teach, make contacts, and follow all the rules ! I was a little on the side of not wanting to train a new missionary 6 weeks ago but for now i know that i am ready to train and super super excited to help another missionary teach the restored gospel in the Brasil Curitiba south mission! So not only am i training a missionary but i am opening this area because President sent the two sisters out because its a little dangerous for sisters but this means we are starting out fresh there! I am also going to be in the same house as my companion from the MTC Elder Hill!!! So i am really really excited to be in the mission right now and time is flying by so so fast! next week is Christmas and i will get to skype my family and life is just great in general right now!! 
This week we has a huge hard time bringing our investigators to church and activities that we are trying to plan always. Its very hard to plan these when we need members to help with a ride. Anyways i learned a lot in Fazenda Rio Grande in the aspect of the importance of a investigator having a friend and a recent convert having a friend, a calling and be nurtured by the good word of God! Anyways i do not have a lot of time to right because i will need to meet my companion that i will train ( in the mission we call this having a son and so i would be his father in the mission lol.) and i will have photos of him and me next week! 😁😁😁
Love you all!
Elder Hammond

3 Nephi 5:13 
I think its that verse lol. Working on memorizing it! 
More photos if I have time in a bit!

All of these pictures are taken of Bryson in his current area before his transfer.

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