Monday, December 11, 2017

9 MONTHS ALREADY?! (Week 40)

Hello family and friend!!

This week flew by so so fast and we are already heading into the last week of this transfer which means i will know if i stay here for 6 months or move onto another area to spend mu first Christmas in Brasil and first New Years! Its crazy how time can fly so fast in a blink of an eye when you are staying focused on your goals and always teaching in the beautiful hot sun ( i want winter to come lol 😂❄❄) . But its great because i am getting somewhat tanner as time goes by so fast. So this week was a little tough because we had a lot of days that we had 5 set appointments every hour and then we got there and they had started a party with family. I have never seen so many cook outs on a Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon in my life lol. I think what is happening is that its getting closer and closer to Christmas and news year that everybody kinda takes small vacations through the week when they have a break off of work. 

This past week we have been sharing a lot of the attributes of Christ in our lessons and that has gotten me to actually study those myself more and apply them to my life and especially ask God to help me apply these to my life to be a better man, husband and father one day! Our days should be opportunities to share the Gospel with our friends and family in all kinds of ways. Especially this Christmas but continue this though the ear too. Maybe it seems out of our comfort zone but we feel so much better when we are kind to others and share the love and charity of Christ for them. My scripture for this week is Moroni 7:44-48 but i think i already shared this last week or a couple ago so here is another for this Christmas 2 Nephi 19:6 in The Book of Mormon! Anyways this week was great and we have the Christmas zone conference this Thursday!! I will gain 5 kilos for sure! 😋😂

Love you all andddd.... I KNOW THE CHURCH IS TRUE!

-Elder Hammond



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