Monday, May 1, 2017

Semana 8 (Week 8)

Olá todo mundo!

This week has been kinda crazy sometimes because i miss you all and miss home and on top of that i miss my CTM amigos! I guess missing your friends and family is part of this mission experience! Uhm so i am always hungry and this Saturday to Sunday we fasted 24 hours for our investigators that are prepping for baptisms because we have 5 people down for a date. They are prepping for this special day! One of our investigators just got baptized this past Saturday and that was a wonderful experience to see my companion do the baptism! Speaking of my companion he is awesome. Making sure i understand everything that i need to learn about to become the best missionary as possible. When we have lessons its crazy how much he knows about the scriptures and knows a scripture for everybodys life situation. Even the other day there was a family that a boys brothers take drugs really often and we were able to enter their house and give a prayer of comfort in their life. After prayers i can feel a calmness in their life and they always allow us to come back because its the Gospel that brings joy to their hearts. 

Another funny experience is we went to visit an investigator and the daughter was at another church with the clothes we got donated for her to attend our church. I could not believe this lol. So me and my companion went and attended a little bit. When the pastor announced we have guests my companion and i said we are Elders representatives Christ from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Everybody turned and looked right at us lol. 

Another thing that happened to me this week. My first week i lost my ring that my mom bought me before i left it says CTR (Choose The Right). As i was praying about finding it a thought came to my mind. I CANT imagine how God and Jesus Christ had felt when this gospel was lost and not on this earth before the restoration through our prophet. I cant imagine how it must of been to have the world be lost. Now i cant imagine the great joy THEY had when the gospel was restored with THE BOOK OF MORMON! As i continue to pray and read daily numerous of times i am so greatful for the words of God through the Bible AND The Book Of Mormon Another testament of Jesus Christ. I hope this isnt too much for an email but this service brings me so much joy you cant imagine till you are in the work yourself!!

I have more photos this week and some may repeat but thats because i was rushing last week lol. Photos of the baptism as well. I will personally do the baptisms the next one :D 

Love and miss you all so much!

- Elder Bryson Daniel Hammond

Bryson & his companion Elder Quaresma


Artwork in CTM

4 missionaries in the house!!!

Elder Valdivia lol - In CTM

First baptism - Leonardo

meu favorito lol

Boxing Practice

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