Monday, May 29, 2017

Semana 12 (3 months)

Eu não acridito este! Semana ?!?!?!?!

  I can't believe that my 12th week has already been done and has passed into week 13 in the mission. Officially been in the field more than I have been in the CTM and it went by wayyyyy faster then the CTM did lol. This week we have had a lot going on with pesquisadors and new missionaries coming into the field. Another gringo is in the house and I actually met him in the CTM on his first week and my last week. His name is Elder Eddington and is from California Sacramental area which is really cool because my Dad served his mission in California Sacramental.

  My pesquisadors have been given a lot of stress this week because of stupid things at times that they argue over. Not going to be listing names but let's just say I was really stressed this day and very much tired. It all came down to the fact of not reading the scriptures and or praying together as a family. I want to make this family read and pray together so bad but life just doesn't work that way now does it?

  Other pesquisadors have had excellent progress and this explains us having 9 baptism dates marked for this transfer which is the coolest thing ever to see peple commit to a goal date and see their progress as they grow closer to their Heavenly Father with some this happens over night which is a Missionaries dream come true! lol We had very little people attend church this week one was because of a family problem. This family has progressed really fast because they were taught a while back but the missionaries taught lessons, not the people. Elder Quaresma and me always teach the people NOT strictly lessons. If you teach lessons people don't learn for their life. Lebny, Karina, Kauane, Gabriel and Abner are the people in this family. It's sad here because they all have different fathers and the same mom. Also, the parents have all passed away and they are ages 23 and younger. We only teach Lebny, Gabrial and Abner because they are the only ones that want to learn and they already have a baptism date which I am so excited and happy for them this next coming week. The boys are ages 15 and 13 so about your ages Josh and Stetson and like the similar things. I am happy for them to have The Book of Mormon in their life and the Bible and to see their growth!

  Other pesquisadores always say I don't have time for a Baptism one lady, in particular, has troubles moving and she said i will be baptised in July and no sooner.... This is stressful, to say the least lol. Baptism is literally 30 min and 1-hour max lol. Anyways we probably have to cut her and I hate having to do that but we have a lot of others that are having progress we need to focus on more. Brenda that was baptized about 2-3 weeks ago has a little sister that is 13 that we started teaching this week that we will probably mark another baptism with her tonight. I want her to follow Brenda's example for her future. Great family but Brenda is the biggest example in their family as of now. She invited us all to her Birthday party last night. In fact, she invited the 4 missionaries which was awesome because cake and more food in general lol 😁

  We talked to Adelino the father of Ryan (14 years old) and he still has not permitted baptism for his son who was first contacted by the missionaries almost 8 months ago now... He said the only way he will be baptized is after 18 years old. We will continue to visit Ryan and Adelino as much as possible! Ryan is such a great kid I hope his dad allows this sooner than 18 years old for Ryans life.

  I love this work even though I am always tired! My testimony is very strong as of now and has just started to grow from here. It feels great to show people how to feel the Holy Ghost (Espirito Santo) in their life on top of the Light of Christ that enters the hearts of those willing to feel these things are true. 

Ate mais!!
Com amor, Love you all

Elder Bryson Hammond

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