Monday, May 22, 2017

Olá - Semana 11

  This week has been weird, to say the least... First, it's crazy that I am already done with my first transfer but I am excited for this next one because I am in the same área and same companion which is awesome. I have learned a lot more this week. One that you will not Always like your companion BUT at the end of the day you Always do like them. Its weird but it's because when you talk about those things that bug you then everything becomes better. Two I had more splits this week and although my goals were not met for that day by goals were much much better than my first splits and this is just because of practice. I think of this Always like the game of Football and we are on Gods team, if me and my companion don't work together we can't succeed in anything, LITERALLY!  We are put into companionships because we need to help each other Always! Idk why the "Always" word does a caps A but oh well just know it's not me doing that lol.

  I want to talk about my friend and investigator Ryan for a second. He is 14 years old and has been taking the lessons since I was living in Florida..... He wants to be baptized so badly but his dad doesn't allow him to be baptized. Elder Quaresma and I have fasted so many times for this boy and his Family to allow a baptism but his father won't budge and it's making me mad lol. This week we actually taught his dad and he was silent the whole time. This week coming up we are going to talk to his dad with a member about a baptism this Saturday! We are going to fill out the papers and ask again for his permission. Ryan is a huge example to his entire Family who smoke and drink. He is the definition of persevere ate o fim!

  Second, I want to talk about AnaPaula e Julio! I am so happy to hear this week that they will be getting married this next month and they will have a baptism the next day !! This Family is awesome and I will get pictures with them this week for my next email! I keep forgetting to get fotos with them because i don't like to carry my câmera around because its not safe lol.

  A lot is going on here like today we will FINALLY get a light in our kitchen and buy more food today as well after we eat at a restaurant called DENVER which is so good! We also have investigators that work there too so sometimes we get a Burger on the house :D

  I promise next week I will have more to write about but I forget so much during the week because it happens so fast!! I also have more pictures my mom received through famílias here in Brasil that I think will be on my blog!!!

Love you all!
-Elder Hammond

Cardápio de Feijoada Banoffee dessert Made with banana and dulce de leche - Thank you Sister Ozely Sadzinski for feeding our missionary, and welcoming him and his companion Elder Quaresma to your home! This mama can't thank you enough for feeding Bryson and welcoming him to your home while he is so far away from us! 💓

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