Monday, May 15, 2017

Olá Everybody!! - Semana 10

I can't believe its been 10 weeks and into the double digits for weeks. So everybody knows I put the weeks in the title not because I am counting down but for my Missionary journal I know where I was in this time lol. I love it here, the struggles, the good times, joking times and the times when Brazilians say the hate Americans and show me their devil sign tattoo on their thumb knuckle so I just say thanks and good day! This actually happened yesterday before Skype with my Family and i actually felt bad for the dude because he said he doesn't like Brazilians or Americans... I think he lives in the wrong country lol.

Anyways.... moving onto exciting things! I had my second baptism Saturday but this time I actually entered the water and baptized Brenda!! Brenda is 17 years old and has been taking the discussions for a month so basically the whole time I have been here in Curitiba but her older brother had the discussions before but hasn't committed to baptism yet but his sister is a great example for Bryan her older brother. Also for her Family. This week was tough for Elder Quaresma and me because some goals were not met but the baptism goal was met this week :D There are tons of people ready to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and it's up to me to listen to the Holy Ghost and find those people ready for this. I am just glad that I have Elder Quaresma to help because sometimes I don't understand nada!! Oh speaking or Portuguese the first minutes of Skype it was very difficult to speak only English, I kept adding in Portuguese with English or English with my Portuguese. Also this semana I had splits with Elder Armenta in my área so it was hard after 4 weeks leading another missionary with my investigators but I grew a lot from this experience. Oh and of course we bought another pizza for this night's dinner.

I have learned thatIi should never have free time because durring free time i start to think too much aka no work or study is thinking about home. Using free time for study time in the scriptures or language study helps me keep focused and excited for the next day to talk to new people and have my 1 hour of personal study which that hour flys by so fast its crazy!!

I had a lot of city bus experiences this week because other missionaries in our district had interviews for baptisms as well. But the busses are crazy! The girls on the bus usually stare at me because obviousely (spelled right?) i am White and american but i have to stay focused lol. Eler Quaresma always laughs about it after we get off at our stop. And other crazy people too like ones that think its okay to have pda on the bus with kids which is not appropriate for anybody to have to be around. Its just awkward for the whole bus lol.And our last bus ride felt like a roller coaster because he drove in the "mountains" but i couldnt stop laughing the whole time lol :D

I dont remember much more from this week because it went by so fast but i have some fotos to share :)

Tchau Tchau!

-Elder Bryson Hammond 

It was beyond words amazing for us to SKYPE Bryson on Mother's Day!!! The best feeling for all of us and the hardest feeling was letting him hang up!! Many tears shed after saying our goodbyes till Christmas Day. He looks so happy, is glowing with the light of Christ and so very happy serving on his mission! We can't be more proud of you Bryson! God be with you, our son and brother!

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