Monday, April 24, 2017

I can dunk!!! Literally week 7

Its a weird title but i think its a pretty cool accomplishment! 

Anyways.... This week has been the best but yet the worst. Let me explain..... Cold showers (DANGGG ITTT) , cold every morning, hungry at dinner and no lights in the kitchen lol.

Let me talk now about my blessings that i complained a little lol.
This area that i am serving in is awesome but some streets its nice and the other. BTW my area is called Novo Mundo (new world in English) which it trully is because we had 9 attend church yesterday and possibly a baptism Saturday! I love the people her so much because they always find ways to serve us when we share messages with them! No matter how much money they have we are offered food and water when we visit. The childeren no mwtter how much they have are happy. One investigator now a member that we have is João and he has recently been baptized and is working everyday to be a great member and represent Jesus Christ!

Sometimes when we share about our message people dont recognize when they fel the Holy Ghost in their life. But i can see their expressions and i know its there. This is why we serve to help others come unto Christ and follow him. My joy from serving is beyond no other. And yes its in Portuguese that i teach. My patient companion Elder Quaresma does most of the talking as for right now but soon i will be doing half of the lessons. People are very surprised when i can teach in the beautiful language of Portuguese just after 6 weeks in Brasil. Well now tomorrow it will be 7 weeks but still lol. I am only able to do these things though the gift of tongues, Holy Ghost and my love for my savior Jesus Christ. 

As i have tough times i remember that this service isnt for me. Even though it may bless my life for many reasons i am here to serve those in need of a heart full of love and a knowledge of their savior. As i have much joy for those that accept the gospel i also have love for those that dont accept. My heart aches for those that dont understand or dont want to understand... 

There is some things that these past 7 weeks i have learned. I knew of the love Jesus Christ has for us but now I feel that same love Christ has for us i have for the people aqui in Curitiba Sul. There is a reason i am here!

For my teachers in the CTM Irmã Borges and Irmão Borges i want to say thank you!! Sempre fala Portuguese!!!! Your examples have given me confidence that i can do this. Irmão Borges just like Renzo i have investigators that want baptism but cant right now because they need marriage first. Their son just received the Aaronic Priesthood yesterday and i cant wait for Julio e AnaPaula to be baptized soon! There is a lot both of you taught me through practice in the CTM and i could not be more thankful!! Through you both i am able to bless many lives and give their family eternal life and joy! Thank you again! 

My companion Elder Quaresma is awesome and has taught me so much. i have probably learned as much Portuguese this week as i did in the last two in the CTM. Literally!! I sleep talk in Portuguese now lol. My companion told me he heard and understood me talking about the restoration in my sleep lol. The members here are so nice too and always feed us lunch and its always the best food ever. Maybe its because its the only real meal i get out of the day but still i am always grateful! My investigators are progressing really well now. Its so fun to see people start dressing and cleaning up their house more after our lessons. I love them all!

I am about to send some photos soon!! 

Love you all!!!

-- Elder Hammond 

Your going to notice more spelling and grammatical errors in Bryson's writings. Let me explain! After he left and entered the MTC (CTM), we noticed he's starting to mix English and Portuguese in his language. 😂 We actually get a kick out of it! When he says he's speaking Portuguese in his sleep...I believe him! But being mom, I have corrected typos (his blending of languages). Also the keyboards in Brazil do not look like English keyboards and also have different keys or are missing some of our punctuation's too! However, there are more and more of these, as he's more fluent in Portuguese! I really don't want to keep changing his writings, and many times It's entertaining and cute! 😊 Mostly - I want his writings to reflect him! It doesn't feel right for me to continue to correct the little things, because it's really about his progression of the languages and his journey. So your going to notice a sudden change here. I think this will mean so much more for Bryson once he is off his mission, and can see the process he was on with the two languages. I hope you enjoy some chuckles with us on his mixed or blended writings. 😏 -  Amy Hammond (Bryson's mom) 💓

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