Tuesday, March 7, 2017

We Made It!!!!

Hello guys!

I have arrived to Sao Paulo MTC safe! I am in a trio companion with Elder Larsen and Elder Valdivia and am so excited to get my room set up with everything I brought with me. I can already feel this beautiful country growing on me in many different ways especially the humidity lol. Colorado's no humidity actually is really nice sounding as of now.

My flight from Atlanta Georgia had to of been the longest and dreadful experience I have had mainly because there was a TV for every seat and yup I could not watch anything!! It`s okay though because I got to learn more about other missionaries near me on the plane. After landing not even two hours ago (I think) because it still feels like it´s Monday now, but as soon as I went outside and saw the culture surrounding me I fell in love with this country and I have only been here not even 12 hours. In the airport it was kind of hard because everywhere I go everybody is speaking Portuguese and the only English I hear is from the Elders and the Sisters. There were a total of 7 Elders and 4 sisters on our flight so it was very exciting!

I don´t have much time to email because we are about to eat lunch and its not even the day we usually email lol. I miss you guys so much already and love you all so so much!! I was just told that my official Pday is on Wednesday´s but tomorrow I will not have one. So my next email will be next week! Tell the whole family I love them all and cant wait to hear from them!!! :)


- Elder Bryson Daniel Hammond

This is the email Bryson sent home to us to let us know he arrived to the CTM (Brazil MTC) safely. 💗

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