Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Semana 3 - O Dom de Linguas (Week 3-The Gift of Tongues)


Literally the hardest but the best week by far! I never believed anybody when they said it goes by this fast but it really does. I feel like I have only been here a little while but its been almost a month. So after I emailed on pday we went into the Brasil streets and actually explored more than last time. We went to the mailing shop so I could mail home but we forgot to buy some stamps so keep a look out for my letters coming in family! After that we of course went to Mr. Chenny's cookie shop to get my favorite cookies ever again. I get triple chocolate every time I go. I hate to say it but these cookies out beat Publix cookies by far!!! After that it was just walking around until I had to go inside for dinner.

So the thing between Pday (preparation day) and temples is just a lot of classes and us teaching investigators which are literally just our teachers so its kind of weird acting like they aren't lol. It really helps though because we can practice this while we aren't that good with the language quite yet. Friday was a little different.... We had a lesson to teach and my companion and I had a hard time answering his question because of the understanding barrier and our very little Portuguese. He sat us aside during our lesson time and literally told us that he knows we are not getting this language and that he knows how tough it is. He had to learn Spanish and English for his mission, he told his testimony about how if we ponder the gospel and pray and study more earnestly we will have a better time with it. This brought me to tears because I know that that is the honest truth and I know its HARD now but in 6 months with studying and heavenly father I will have it down. After that he said that he loves and believes in us because if it wasn't supposed to happen we would be in America teaching in English. Then he gave us a big hug and that I really needed that from somebody that understood how tough it is. I know that with struggles comes many blessings and success!

Saturday we went out proselyting in Saõ Paulo downtown to pass out 6 O Livero de Mòrmons to random people on the street. I was so excited to do this and so nervous because of my Portuguese but I know I had the Jesus Christ with me and I would do good. So some sister missionaries that are from Brasil helped my companion and I talk to some people. The last lady that I talked to told the sister helping me that she understood every single word that I was telling her and now I know why she looked so shocked in the eyes because here I am white as can be and speaking fluently to her but only with the gift of tongues is this possible being 2.5 weeks in Brasil. I wrote in a letter what I told her but I will put it here as well!  "Nòs mensagem is muito importante. Eu sai que O Livero de Mòrmon es outro testamento de Jesus Cristo. O Livero de Mòrmon abençoado meu vida. Eu sai que o Evanghelo de Jesus Cristo vontade abençoar você vida. O Livero de mòrmon es palavras de Deus." Knowing that she understood everything I just said proves that the gift of tongues is true and that Jesus Christ is with me at all times of my life especially when I am sharing it with his children in Brasil.

Its conference weekend and I cant wait to be honest  because this is probably the first thing I get to watch not with a voice over since I have been in Florida and I am so happy I get to hear the Prophets voice! Also Sundays have become my most favorite day of the week by far!!! We get to chill and watch a movie (which yes its in Portuguese and no sub titles -_- lol) so I usually just study or read.  I am only sending one big mass email in the CTM till I am in the field because I don't get to read all my emails because its only 45 min of email :( 
Love you all soo soo much!! Thanks for all the time you take to email me!!

Till next week!!

- Elder Hammond

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