Wednesday, March 15, 2017

1st Week In!!!!!

First I wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BROTHER STETSON!!! I was so happy when I found out I got to email on his birthday!! Make sure to tell him Happy Birthday!

This has been one crazy week and it has felt like I have been here 6 months and I guess that is really normal because everybody says you kinda start to go crazy lol! So something I just want to get out of the way is that we are not allowed to send pictures while in the CTM (MTC-Mission Training Center). We can receive them but we don't have the ability to which is really bumbing me out because we just got to go to the Campinas Temple here in Brazil and it was beautiful!

In the mission every Elder gets a companion which is usually just one but I am in a trio so its really exciting and we are rooming with two Brazilians so we are having some language lessons with them some nights of the week. My companions are Elder Larsen and Elder Valdivia and they are really cool guys and awesome companions! I am also serving as a District leader so I am in charge of nine other missionaries to make sure we are all on task and doing what we are supposed to!

The first night we had in the CTM we had choir practice and I thought it was really annoying to have to do that but I actually really enjoy the times we get to sing in Portuguese because I only know but 50% of the words but I recognize the tunes and I could not feel the spirit any stronger in a room full of about 300-500 missionaries. So singing has become one of my favorite things to do especially when my whole floor decides to sing in the showers haha! We aren't that good sometimes lol

I have grown a stronger and bigger testimony as I have been here. Landing here with the last time I slept being Sunday and next time being Tuesday night I kept thinking what am I doing? And in this past week I have come to realize that God loves me and everybody so much and that I am literally a tool in Gods hands to teach his children so so much and I am the only person that can teach the people of Brazil. I sometimes get emotional because its such a struggle being away from my family and friends the people that I love so much. But I know that in the service of people I am only in the service of my Heavenly father (Pai Celestial) and if I love him as much as I do I am here for a much greater reason then I can even imagine!

I have to sign off now but I love you all so very much! Keep me in touch with your lives. If I am not able to reply its not that I'm ignoring you its just they don't give me enough time. I love reading of your lives!
- Elder Bryson Daniel Hammond

Insert: I have added some pictures of the Campinas Brazil Temple sense Elder Bryson Hammond is not able to send pictures while he is in the CTM (Brazil MTC). I'm sure the pictures he took personally feel so much better. But this way we can all see the beauty he felt this morning and shared with us. It IS really beautiful! 
💗 - Amy Hammond (Bryson's mom) 

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