Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Hola Semana 2!

Hello everybody!!

Ugh I have so much to say and so little time (45 min) and that equals more stress thinking of what to say then actually getting to say and talk about what I want to say lol.

Well this week has been really hard actually! I miss everybody so much but I can feel my saviors love that he has for me to send me on a journey to teach his children! If it wasn't for him I would not know where I would be today. I for sure would not be in the AMAZING country of Brasil now would I? Well my week has been hard because they throw you into teaching lessons just speaking Portuguese and sometimes the teachers have fun asking questions making your brain work harder because you know what you want to say but don't know how in Portuguese. 

So last week my district got split and even just being one week into my mission I learned to love my friends so much but my new district is awesome and I couldn't have asked for better friends. Sometimes you do get annoyed with your companion aka how I was yesterday because I just wanted to focus on what I had to do. We had a lesson coming up soon and nobody was being serious!

The food here is great! I mean the food in the city! There is a cookie place across the street and the triple chocolate is literally to DIE for!! I think so far I have gained 5-8 pounds here XD Its okay though because we get to play basketball a lot and run and sometimes weights but the weights are just cables that they don't let you go past a certain weight. 

Yesterday I watched a film and it showed the scene where the people killed our Heavenly Father (*He meant Jesus Christ) on the cross and it made me cry because I think its tough here in the CTM but he literally died for our sins and everything that we do so we could be with him some day. I have also grown a greater testimony (in Portuguese too) about how we can return to him some day and be happy with everybody that we know and have grown to love. My favorite scripture I heard last week is D&C 84: I think verse 85 or 88. If that's wrong I will mail home for that to be corrected. Uhhh I am hitting a wall of forgetfulness what happened last week because every day is blending together like nothing even happened. 

Ahh so last week we started to use tooth picks a lot and tended to just bite on it and everybody started to do that which now that I think about it is dumb. But we all called each other tooth pick guys... yeah idk why we even did that lol. But Elder Snyder that is in charge of kind of all the Missionaries banned them anywhere but the cafeteria lol. Elder and Sister Snyder are so awesome though! They welcomed us into the CTM home and everyday checked on us to make sure that we were all okay and if we are home sick that we could go to him and just talk. We are all really blessed to have leaders like them willing to serve as older couples to help the missionaries. All my leaders are awesome! 

We aren't allowed to wear skinny ties here and I bought 6 very cool ties!!

I have to get off now but I love you all!! Keep writing to me please!!

- Elder Bryson Daniel Hammond

This was such a fun surprise to get these pictures! This sweet sister (I think one of his instructors) sent these through FB messenger as I was reading Bryson's mass email. Thank you! 😊 She speaks Portuguese, so language is a barrier. I don't know how she found me on Facebook! I don't know if Bryson asked for these to be sent to me or what. Many mom's in the Brazil CTM are frustrated trying to get pictures of our missionaries. I found out it's not that the missionaries are "not allowed" to send pictures. It's that there are 600 missionaries in the CTM. All have only 45 min to email home and read their emails. There isn't enough internet bandwidth connection for several pictures to be uploaded and sent by all 600 missionaries. Some go across the street to Mr Cheney's Store (where Bryson said he gets his cookies from) to upload them and send home. Hopefully Bryson will get this chance at a point to send us photos from Mr Cheney's Store. I miss my boy!!! I love and miss you B!!!! - 💗 Mom

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